Uniforms + Equip

Uniforms + Equip

Here you will find details of our equipment we have available for sale. We sell equipment at heavily discounted rates and often have to subsidise the cost of equipment to keep it affordable to everyone. Here you will find all the equipment you will need for training and competing. If you need any further information please ask Sensei Andy Irvine and he will be happy to help.  

As it is often cheaper to order in bulk we can offer bundles that will suit your needs and hopefully save you some money. Competitions are regulated by the World Karate Federation and equipment must be up to spec. The rules require that competators have both Red and Blue Mitts, Shin Insteps and Belts to take part. To get you started the club will have equip to borrow so long as you have one set we will lend the other one. It is however recommended that competators have a full kit of their own. Remember all prices are available to club members only after Chief Instructors approval.


Blitz Childrens Karate Uniforms - £15 (RRP £22.50)

Blitz Adult Karate Uniforms - £20 (RRP £33.00)

Sparing Equipment

Blitz Sparing Mitts - £12 (RRP £15.00)

WKF Style Shin Instep Guards - £22 (RRP £34.00)

Standard Groin Protector Jnr/Snr - £6

Deluxe Adult Groin Protector - £8.50

Female Chest Guard and inserts - £32

Mouth Guard - £3

Belts - £3.50