Training Fees and Costs

Karate should not only be available to those who can afford it. With this is mind we aim to keep our fees as low as possible, however there are costs associated with running a club and these must be met. Fees are to be paid when you attend, we do not charge for lessons that you do not take and we do not make our members pay a monthly fee. Anything that is "required" you will find heavily discounted or subsidised.

Our lesson fees are listed below;


  • Little Warriors £2.50 per session
  • Childrens Classes £3.50 per session
  • Adults Classes £4.00
Our licences (required within two months of joining), which are renewable yearly are £20 for your first application and £15 per year afterwards. 

Our uniforms are heavily discounted as they are a required item. They are sold at £15 for childrens sizes and £20 for adult sizes.