Our members are licenced through the Horan Karate Association. As you may already be aware, all people who do karate are required to be licensed.

Our licences, which are renewable yearly are £20 for your first application and £15 per year afterwards. See the Chief Instructor for an application.  

To make your application as easy as possible I have made these notes to help you. I will be dealing with all applications personally so that I can check your forms and send off the correct fee and postage. See me for an application form should you wish to renew or apply for your licence. Please use this checklist to ensure you make a successful licence application/renewal.

1. Check you have completed all relevant parts of the application
2. Check you have enclosed the correct fee cash or cheque is fine.
3. Make cheques payable to The Horan Shukokai Centre.
4. For renewals, you must hand in your licence booklet with your application.
5. Put your application, fee, and licence book (if a renewal) in an envelope and label with your name(s). Do not seal the envelope as I will wish to check your application before sending it away.

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they keep a valid and up to date licence. The club can be heavily sanctioned or shut down if it is discovered that people are training, competing, or grading without licences. Even I must keep mine up to date.